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European Blackjack Multi-Hand from Play`n Go in Australia

Gray for free
Producer Play'n Go
Payment min. 1
Payment max. 100

European Blackjack review

European Blackjack Multi-Hand to Classic Blackjack game with the possibility of playing many tasks at the same time. The whole game will take place on a table covered with a green tablecloth, and the player will also have permanent voice tips. The gameplay itself is much more dynamic than in ordinary blackjack due to the number of hands and variability of movements. It adds a little flavor to the game. The game was developed by studio Play`n Go, which has been creating gambling on the Internet for many years so that thousands of users around the world can play online. Their designs are distinguished by excellent performance on mobile devices, pleasant bonuses at the first registration and 24 -hour technical support for players. In this article we will look closer to the idea of Play`n Go, we will deal with all the nuances of the game and answer possible questions.

Blackjack functions

The minimum plant in the game is 1 euro, the maximum is 100 euros. RTP is 99.34%here. This game variety does not have special bonuses compared to other types of blackjack, but "give away", "repetition", "stand" and "distribute" are still available. 'District "allows you to choose new cards. 'Repeat' gives you the opportunity to repeat the previous bet, which can save a lot of time to the player. The "stand" is used when the player is satisfied with his hand and does not want to take new cards. Finally, the "division" allows you to divide two original cards of the same rank. In addition, if the player doubts his hand, he can give up and lose only half of his bet. The key difference between this type of blackjack and the rest is that the game is much more dynamic and funny here than in ordinary blackjack, because the player can control three hands simultaneously. This variety allows you to get much more pleasure from the game due to the continuous change of the situation in the game. In addition, this game uses two standard decks of cards, while the American Blackjack uses 6 to 8 waist. Wins can be converted into any existing currency, which only increases comfort. To start the game, the player only needs a browser and internet access. In addition, you don't have to pay anything to properly assess the potential of the game. The European Blackjack Multi-Hand is available free game for playing in a practical demo mode.


Before starting each round at the European Blackjack Multi-Hand, the player must put up factories. For this purpose, a number of necessary chips are selected on the control panel, after which they are transferred to the sectors on the table. The tokens differ in value from 1 to 100. To win, the player must score more points than the dealer, but not more than 21. If he has more than 21 points, this is an exaggeration, and the round is lost. If the dealer scores more than 21 points, the player wins. The dealer always stops at 17 and receives for 16 or less points. In addition, the player has the option of buying an insurance protecting against Blackjack. Insurance is paid 2: 1 and is bought separately for each new distribution. If the player decides to change the number of hands during the round, he can press the "X" key and remove his hands in the required number. As in other games of this type, the dealer distributes two discovered cards for each hand, while betting on the same two cards, but one covered, the other covered. At the European Blackjack Multi-Hand Krupier has the right not to open a covered card.

The values of the hands and hands of the dealer

As soon as the player decided not to take new cards and chose the "Stan" option, the dealer begins to take additional cards for himself. If he scores a total of 21 points, the player loses. If the sum of the dealer points is greater than 21, the victory is granted. If the number of points for both the player and the dealer is from 17 to 21, the bets are returned unchanged to everyone. Card denominations correspond to their points, cards from ten to the king will bring 10 points to the player, and AS can bring 1 or 11 points at various stages of the game.


European Multi -Person Blackjack in Play’n Go is a slightly improved version of the classic blackjack in classic online casinos. The adaptive and eye -catching design allows the player to immerse himself in the game almost immediately and fully enjoy the process. And thanks to the efforts of developers, players not only from Australia, but also from countries around the world can play the European Blackjack Multi-Hand online. What's more, to appreciate all the charms of the game, players have the opportunity to try all the mechanics of the game in free demo mode. Thanks to the adaptive interface, nice graphics and a well-designed gameplay, playing the European Blackjack Multi-Hand is a pleasure. It doesn't matter what device you play - from a phone, tablet or laptop - Play`n GO provides the most comfortable conditions for players of all passions.

Frequently asked questions

  • what is the European Blackjack multi-hand rtp?
    RTP for this type of game is 99.34%, which is one of the highest indicators in this direction.

  • can i play the European Blackjack multi-hand for free?
    Yes, Play`n it allows players to evaluate the game in a free demo mode, which completely opens the game.

  • what are the minimum and maximum bets in European Blackjack?
    The minimum plant in the game is 1 euro, the maximum is 100 euros. The plants are erected separately for each hand. The plants can be doubled, you can also buy insurance, which in the case of Blackjack at the dealer will allow the player to lose only half of his bet.

  • when wAs the game releAsed?
    The game was released on October 14, 2018 by Play`n Go.