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Pontoon Blackjack from Netent in Australia

Gray for free
Producer NetEnt
Payment min. 1
Payment max. 40

Blackjack review

Pontoon is a British variety of ordinary blackjack, but it is played on a smaller scale. In addition, the terminology is slightly different here, although the mechanics of action in the game does not change much. In addition, the rules are slightly different here. But despite these differences, the purpose of the game remains the same - defeating a dealer. The game is very popular in the world of virtual casinos due to the slightly complex mechanics, which, however, does not lose the charm of all games in Blackjack. In this article we will look at the professional Pontoon series from Net Entertainment, a giant giant that creates online gambling, in which you can play from anywhere in the world, the player only needs a permanent internet connection. Let's take a closer look at the game, get to know possible difficulties and analyze the game mechanics.

Blackjack functions

As mentioned above, the pontoon is a blackjack variety, which is a definite for those players who already know the classic version of the game. RTP here is 99.59%. One of the main features of the pontoon is that the dealer cards are always hidden from the player's eyes. The main difference between these two games lies in the fact that in a classic blackjack a player can play with any hand, regardless of the number of points, while in the pontoon, if the hand is less than 15 points, the player must play "twist". If the dealer has less than 16 hands, it must also turn. If the hand has more points than 21, it is considered an exaggeration and the hand is considered a defeat. In addition, equal money is paid for each winning combination in Pontoon, except for the pontoon, where the payment is 2: 1. If there is a layout with five cards in the game, which has a total of 21 points, it is considered a five -card trick and entails a 2: 1 payment, although compared to the usual win it takes second place. The player can twist aces twice, playing in Pontoon Pro, instead of only once, as in a regular game, and then hit or buy. You can even play this game for free, for fun, because the developers took care of all the categories of players and gave them the opportunity to evaluate their idea for free, in practical demo mode.

Comparison of the professional Pontoon series and classic blackjack

First of all, it is worth paying attention to the differences between the ranges of betting in these two games. In the professional Pontoon series, the minimum plant is 1, and the maximum department for the hand cannot exceed 40,000 units. By the way, there are three types of units: 1, 5 and 10. With their help, the player can put any, convenient bet, not exceeding the limit. The above differences in terminology relate to words such as "hit", which in the pontoon is called "twist" and "double down", which is called "buy" here, although in both cases the option doubles the player's rate, in the pontoon this option allows this option The player take another additional card and "stand", which in the pontoon is referred to as "stick". Also in the pontoon, the dealer wins if there is a draw.


As in the classic blackjack, the game begins with the division of factories. The player must decide on the size of the plant and put it in the right place on the table. If you want to cancel the bet, you must click the gray button and select the field to be removed. This is followed by the stage of distributing cards. Each hand receives two discovered cards, while the dealer receives covered cards that the player cannot see. If the player plays with two or more distances, an arrow will appear in the left corner of the screen, which will show the hand to which the movement is heading. If the player wants to separate the same pair of cards, he must press, if he is not satisfied with the cards in his hand, he can press if everything is fine - stick. If the player has to double the bet, you may click buy, which will give him the opportunity to take another card. After each round you can bet on new factories by pressing a new bet, but if the player wants to play the next round with old courses, a click of Rebet. The player will always have access to his game history, as well as the function of changing the soundtrack, increasing or decreasing the speed of the game. Such a responsive and user -friendly interface has been developed especially to provide players with the most comfortable conditions of the game.


The professional Pontoon series from Netent is an excellent rest option and a great alternative to ordinary blackjack. This is particularly important for those who are already a bit tired of the standard version of the game and are looking for an interesting alternative that would be just as pleasant and easy to play. You have a slightly more intense atmosphere of the game due to the fact that the dealer cards are always hidden, but this It just adds a certain advantage to the game and allows the player to get real pleasure from winning. And thanks to the efforts of the developer, players not only in Australia, but around the world they can play their blackjack at any time of the day or night, from any device and browser. For those who want to try and evaluate the game, a free game mode is available, which will not lose money in the first games. To start the game, the player only needs a browser and internet access. Moreover, you don't have to pay anything to properly assess the potential of the game in virtual online casino. The professional Pontoon series is available free game for fun in a practical demo mode.

Frequently asked questions

  • what is the professional pontoon RTP series?
    RTP for this type of game is 99.59%, which is one of the highest indicators in this direction.

  • can i play a professioNal pontoon series for free?
    Yes, Netent gives players the opportunity to assess the game in free demo mode, which completely opens the game.

  • what are the minimum and maximum plants for the professioNal pontoon series?
    The maximum plant in the game is 40,000 units, the minimum is 1.

  • when wAs a professional pontoon series releAsed?
    The game went to the network in January 2013 and was immediately made available to everyone.