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Legal online casino in Australia 2021

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⚖️Internet casinos and legal regulations

Theoretically, in Australia, anyone can set up a casino - if he receives a license from the Minister of Finance. And indeed, anyone can apply for a concession, but whether anyone gets it is a completely different matter. Well, there are a lot of restrictions as to the entity that the casino may have.

First of all, you should have a lot of savings, because the casino license in Australia costs huge money: in 2020 it was 32 thousand. % on the base amount, which was AUD 5,140.74!

To legally set up a legal casino in Australia online, the conditions mentioned in the second paragraph of this text should be met. However, the payment of this huge sum to the Ministry's account in no way guarantees obtaining a license. An example of the casino owner must also be a person:

  1. Running the appropriate type of company (joint -stock or sp.z.o.o.)
  2. The Company's shares may only be entitled in the Act in the Act from Australia, the EU or EFTA or by relevant natural persons who are citizens of this area
  3. There are no criminal proceedings for financial crimes such as money laundering or terrorist financing for these shareholders (partners)
  4. The company's share capital is at least (!) AUD 4 million

In addition, a person who would like to set up a casino must document the legality of every zloty paid to his business!

And although the conditions of having a casino, mentioned in this article, may seem very limiting for enterprising Kowalski, they ensure increased safety of Poles playing in them. In the end, we would all care about the place where the playing is not in the hands of someone who finances terrorist activities or takes part in washing dirty money!

As mentioned, in terms of legal online casino Australia, both ground and internet, the Minister of Finance has a decisive vote here. It depends on the ministry whether the virtual casino will be able to legally operate on the Australian market or not, of course, according to the prevailing law. What exactly online gambling activities should you have a license in Australia? We present them below.

🛡️Legal online casino in Australia

The law in Australia does not take gambling slightly. You can even say that he treats him a lot more severely than other European governments. Fortunately, whether the legal casino in Australia recognized by players is really legal is not only the Ministry of Finance, but above all Australian law and European regulations. What exactly legal acts have the greatest gear here?

First of all, the Act of 2009 (on gambling, of November 19, known otherwise as a gambling act), which is subject to frequent amendments, with the last such important change in 2017. It is actually said that legal conditions are not conducive to casino activities. This amendment mainly concerned Casinos online activities. It was agreed then that the plants concluded via the Internet would be legal. Of course, only in the case of such plants that will meet the requirements of the legislator, but earlier this sphere of gambling was not well regulated, which exposed players to the risk of being a victim of internet tricksters or the inability to pay their winnings.

The Act also introduced regulations regarding activities that were not regulated before, i.e. it fell under the so -called legal gaps. After 2017, it was known which bookmakers could apply for a license from the Minister of Finance and in the case of the provisions of which services had to be obtained. To this day, these are:

  • Casino games, with machines and table games such as roulette and blackjack, including
  • Poker
  • Bingo
  • Betting (mutual, sports/for horse racing and those paid to the league or portfolio in the longer period of time)
  • Lottery

Games in which skills count are not subject to this law. Unfortunately, the ability to count in blackjack is not a skill as such in understanding Ministry of Finance! Online Casino Legal Australia with the Ministry's license is Total Casino, which is run by Totalizator Sportowy.

✔️European legal institutions

As we mentioned above, the Australian casino services market is regulated not only by Australian but also European regulations. What does the Union say about gambling? First of all, the fact that as members of the economic community, each member country agreed to act in accordance with the principles of the common market.

Which means that each country should maintain an open market for other EU countries so that they can freely run a business in their area and are subject to the same regulations as domestic entities. Hence, the gambling act is a risk for the principle of free flow of services in European Union.

So what entities are safe and legal when it comes to casino activities in the European Union? They will not have a concession of the Australian Ministry of Finance, so how do you find them? The governments of other EU countries (and from outside the Union, as in the case of Great Britain) have their units designated to regulate the gambling market. The licenses of these units mean that, for example, an internet casino is legal and honest, and you can entrust it with your money.

The most famous are Maltese and British institutions. In Malta it is MGA, a Maltese Game Office (marked with the MGA logo and the name Malta Gaming Authority), and on the Islands: the British commission for Gambling, i.e. United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Casinos that have the logo of one of these instances in the footer of their website (i.e. at the bottom of the page) have been checked and approved by one of these instances. This should mean that every European Union citizen can play legally. However, when it comes to our ministry, the only online legal casino in Australia is only the said Total Casino.

The casinos that we present to you on our website have either MGA or United Kingdom Gambling Commission. This means that players playing in them are protected by EU law, regulating the rights and obligations of the owners Online casinos in Australia. How do you know if we chose the legal Australian casino?

At the legal casino, Australia will offer the most popular payment methods for Australian players, i.e. above all: Trustly, debit and credit cards, but also such trusted methods such as Ecopayz, Skrill, Rapid, which we describe a few chapters away in more detail .

Games commissions and winning tax

Australian players can choose a legal online casino based in another European country and play in it at will if the regulations of their country of residence allow it. What's more, even foreign online casinos in Australia already have a Australian language version, thanks to which the use of them is much easier.

However, how to settle accounts with the tax office, if using the legal casinos in Australia, we won us? It is certainly the easiest way to do it. When we won in AUD - we save ourselves problems with currency conversion. Foreign online legal casino often allows playing for AUD and does not make problems with payments in this currency.

How much should you give to the State Treasury from winning? It depends on the chosen casino and the game in which this win and its amount fell. For example: 12 % of the sports facilities should be due to the Tax Office, but this is calculated at the time of purchasing such a plant, because this fee functions as a rotary tax. Hence, it doesn't matter if the player wins or loses, the tax on the plant is already paid.

Other forms of the game apply the following tax rates:

  1. 15% in the case of cash lottery
  2. 20% for numerical games
  3. 25% when playing in bingo, audio lotteries and organized poker tournaments
  4. 50% in the case of game machines, bones and card games

Advertising websites devoted to gambling

Another case, however, is to play a distance - a casino operating abroad is subject to the right of your proper country. Hence, any taxes will not be due to the Australian State Treasury, because even the game supplier is not subject to the provisions competent in Australia. Therefore, if a player chooses a legal casino in the light of European law, he does not have to give his wins in an annual tax settlement.

However, how do you find such a legal online casino 2020 if you haven't met him yet on television or on the radio? Well, Australian regulations also regulate the advertising of gambling, both internet and stationary casinos.

Even a 100% legal casino cannot be advertised on the radio or on television. ADVERTISEMENT is possible only in the case of sports plants, whose marketing spots can be released between 22 a.m. and 6 am, and ads in the press cannot be, for example, addressed to persons under 18 years rates that could lead to higher wins. That is why you will not see casinos in Australia legal on Australian television or arena of large sporting events on Australian television or arenas.

Risk of playing in an illegal casino

Why is it just not profitable to play in an illegal casino? First of all, because it usually doesn't pay off - not only is there a risk that such a not entirely legal Australian online casino will not pay us our winnings and will stop receiving our phones. However, if the player is lucky and receives the won money, he can even be held for criminal liability. In this case, he will be forced to "share" his win with the State Treasury.

What penalties are waiting for players who break Australian law? Such a player will have to give all the winners and a financial penalty of up to AUD 3 million may be imposed on him. And although the penalties imposed on players are usually much lower than the maximum amount, we honestly doubt that it is worth risking in this matter.

What legal online casino in Australia do we recommend then? There are a lot of them, so you can choose from the list contained in this article and play safely. Our list of legal online casinos in Australia contains games from suppliers that you can play for free and without registration.

Such free games are used to familiarize yourself with the features of the games of a given supplier and choose the best type of games for yourself. That's why you can feel safe on our website, legal casinos are something that we know best!

How do we rate online casinos

How do we test legal online casinos to make sure that we can calmly recommend them to our readers? First of all, we evaluate their legality: we check whether individual game salons have certificates and licenses, which must necessarily have an entity so that it can be an online casino legal in Australia.

After making sure that we are dealing with a casino in accordance with the law, we check if it can be conveniently paid and paying money, how it works on mobile devices in which currencies you can play in it and what is the level of their technical support. Of course, the proposed games and promotions and bonuses loved by all are also significant.

Licensing and honest commercial practices

The topic mentioned many times in this article, but the legality of online entities is never enough. Our articles can only contain links to such online casinos in Australia, which is not doubtful that they work in accordance with the letter of the law.

Legal online casinos in Australia 2020 are those that meet the requirements of the gambling act of 2009 after changes in 2017 and those that operate in accordance with EU law. Such units are checked in terms of their honesty and approved by specialized authorizing organizations such as MGA, UK Gambling Commission and independent institutions such as ECOGRA.

A variety of financing methods

Ways of payment and payment of a deposit enabled by legal online casino in Australia will be convenient and, above all, known to the user. If the portal where you want to play gambling games will only offer you payment methods that you do not know at all and which require you to register on foreign websites that are not recognized for you, you may be dealing with a suspicious casino.

The legal casino recommended on our website is also checked by us in this respect. If you have known payment methods for a player from Australia (and necessary licenses), we will gladly recommend them to you.

Supported portable devices

Most game showrooms, which are legal casinos in Australia 2020, have either a special mobile application for smartphones and tablets, or a mobile page adapted to the needs of mobile phones. This is due to the growing demand for remote playing, on portable devices.

Players from Australia prefer to play on phones with Android or iOS, tablets or iPads. And this is not surprising - modern mobile devices are already large enough that playing on them is very convenient, and gaming providers, walking on hand, make their games sometimes even better quality than for computers!

Available currencies

Casinos in Australia, even Australian online casino, usually adopts many different currencies and this is justified. Poles living abroad and other citizens with foreign currencies in their portfolio in their portfolio are talking about paying in currency.

Our portal goes to all of them on hand and recommends only online game salons that allow payment and payment in many different currencies.

Customer service quality

Each legal online casino in Australia, which you will find on our website, passes through the rigorous test of your customer service. Technical support in showrooms that we recommend to our readers must be fast, efficient and polite, we do not even take other options.

We want your possible casino problems to be solved immediately, so that you can only enjoy the endless entertainment that legal casinos in Australia offer.

Awards, bonuses and promotions

Bonuses in online casinos are our real horse! We check for you salons with the best to help you choose a page where you want to register and start your adventure. The best promotions usually apply to legal online games machines, but this is not exclusive.

At the start, most casinos give so -called cash returns, which are usually calculated percentage from the first payment. At your disposal there are free game salons, look for them on our portal.

Choosing games

Game machines are of course not all products offered by legal online casinos in Australia. Although they are overwhelming offers, and on average playing on them is chosen by over two -thirds of players, the game salons offer virtually all other ever invented gambling games.

Our task is to be checked by this endless sea possibilities and recommending such casinos that have the best games, the highest jackpots and the most interesting tournaments. Rely on our tips and you will never face boredom on the Internet.

The best software suppliers

All Australian online casino, which you see on our website, buy their games only from the best global suppliers. By clicking on the logo of any, you will not be disappointed with the manufacturers' offer on its website.

From the names that you can know, such as immortal microgaming, winning the world with the storm of Netent, or the oldest player on the market, Playtech, to names that may not yet tell you much, but soon they will sound very familiar. We check them all and make sure that they have both games to download and playing immediately in a browser.

Security and protection

Like licenses, your safe adventure in the Australian legal casino is a priority for us. Casinos, which we are approved by us, must have security certificates that encrypt the data that you provide in them and thus provide you with full protection.

The absolute minimum for us is encryption based on an SSL certificate. Other certificates we are looking for are the already mentioned Ecograph and having a trusted generator of random numbers, which boils down to fair game in every game.

VIP programs

You need to know that not all casinos have loyalty programs and VIP members. Therefore, when we assess the legal online casinos in Australia, we want our list only the most "generous".

Their high prizes for regular customers and promotions, lotteries and generously financed tournaments are not without significance if you plan to invest your cash and your time. We check VIP programs to offer you only the most generous salons!

Play for free

Both on online casinos in Australia and on our site, you have the chance to play for free and often even without registration. These free games are demo versions, i.e. demonstration, slot machines. Of course, there is a limit of games you can play for free - you won't try for free, for example, games in Live casino.

However, numerous bonuses and promotions directly on virtual casinos pages can help you. And we will inform you about everyone on our platform.

💰 Payments for Australian players

As we have noted in the previous part of the article, each legal casino enables its players to pay in a safe and effective way. You should not be forced to pay or pay with a high commission or conducted by a foreign financial intermediary that you have never heard of. Check below which methods are considered the safest.

What's more, you should be able to pay your deposit on such conditions that suit you and casino. On our website you will find not only legal casinos in Australia online taking payments in AUD, but also those operating in American and Canadian dollars, Swedish or Norwegian crowns, euros, Swiss francs, and even Russian rubles!

Pre -paid card

This method of payments and payments is one of our favorite payment methods. It is very safe, completely anonymous and free. What are we talking about? Of course, about the card called paysafecard, which can be purchased like topping up to the phone - it's so simple. You can ask about this card in your local traffic or Żabka kiosk, it is also sold online - that is, without leaving home!

PaysaFecard can also be used for other internet transactions, which is why the remaining funds will certainly not be in vain. Good legal online casino should guarantee you the possibility of paying with this payment method, because it is not only comfortable, but very quickly wants the favor of Internet users.

What is the PaysaFecard phenomenon? Unlike a bank card, it is not connected to your data in any way - that's why it is completely anonymous. You buy, give the card code on the page you want to send money and it's ready. The funds automatically go to the recipient's website, and you can enjoy purchased tokens.

VISA / MasterCard

Although safe and still enjoying popularity among paying on the Internet, payment through a debit or credit card at the online casino is already a slightly outdated method. Not only is it not completely anonymous, it is any incorrect use can attract the risk of losing data in favor of a hacker.

And although you hardly hear about such cases, in our time taking such risk is completely unnecessary. Especially with a multitude of other, safe and fast methods.

Some players choosing a legal online casino, However, he is not afraid to use his banking card in it because they know that their data is secure. It is a well -known and proven method for them, which avoids creating additional accounts in other institutions intermediary in online transactions, which is comfortable and fast (in a short period).

In virtually all casinos you can still pay using a Visa or MasterCard card, and sometimes even Maestro. It is also a good method for beginner players.

E-portfolios by e-portfel

This method is a great choice for clients visiting legal casinos in Australia online more often and for those who do not bother spending a few extra minutes for a one-time registration in the e-Wallet. What are these mysteriously sounding products?

It is nothing but an electronic wallet on which you can store your electronic, but the most real money. In the appearance, the e-Wallet portal resembles a modern bank side, we have a list of our transactions on it, which means that we can not only pay from it, but also receive funds from external institutions (for example, transactions sent by legal casinos).

This is one of the better ways of payment for online services, because it is not only very fast, but also cheap. You can also store various currencies on such an e-porthel, it does not matter for any costs. For this, the benefits of paying in various currencies can be significant. Electronic transactions are processed immediately and anonymously.

E-Wallet accounts are usually not related to a personal bank account (the exception is PayPal here), so there is no login to our main and (often) the most important account to send money to a friend or pay to the casino account. However, when sending money "outside", i.e. to users or institutions outside the program, there may be additional fees, or vigilant.

Legal stationary casinos in Australia

In the case of stationary casinos, the conditions for their creation include, among others, the payment for the concession, which we mentioned in one of the first paragraphs and the fulfillment of those we write below.

However, the most important factor determining whether the applicant gets a license is the location. The act specifies exactly how many casinos may fall into cities up to 250 thousand. residents (1), over 250 thousand residents (1 + next for each subsequent 250,000) and the province (1 for each full 650,000 people).

Hence, the new stationary casino will be able to arise only when the existing casino in this area closes - if it exists.

Such official stationary casinos in Australia can be found, among others, in Warsaw (in hotels: Mercure Grand, Mariot, Hilton, Victoria Sofitel, Hotel Gromada), in Katowice (in Galeria Altus), in Poznań (in hotels: Novotel, IBB Andersia, City Park), in Szczecin in the Pazim office building, in Lublin at Kowalska 5 and at the Victoria Hotel, in Krakow (in hotels: Orbis Casino, Holiday Inn, Wyspiański).

The list of legal casinos in Australia (ground) also contains a casino in Sopot at the Grand Sofitel Hotel, in Płock at the Płock Hotel, in Sosnowiec at May 3, 14, in Toruń on ul. Podzamcze 5, in Bydgoszcz at the City Hotel, in Kielce at the Grand Hotel, in Gdańsk at the Merkur Hotel, at Grunwaldzka 105, in Wrocław at HP Park Plaza and at ul. Kiełbaśnicza 21/22 and in Łódź in Manufaktura.

Frequently asked questions

  • what license allows polish citizens to use the online cAsino?
    Each legal online casino that has obtained the MGA certificate is officially checked and safe, and therefore it can be a place for the game for everyone in the European Union. Officially, only Total Casino is legal in accordance with Australian law.
  • what is the legal age for gambling in Australia?
    All Australian citizens who are over 18 can practice legal gambling within the meaning of Australian law.
  • is the online cAsino safe?
    If the player chooses the legal casino in Australia, which has security licenses and certificates, has grounds to believe that it will be safe. Those recommended on our website are certainly like that.
  • what polish payment methods should be used?
    Use such methods that are safe and convenient for each player (this is an individual matter, but with a multitude of payment methods everyone will be able to choose the best method for themselves). Check the item in this article regarding payments in a legal online casino in Australia to see what methods are recommended for customers with different needs.
  • can i play for polish AUD?
    Yes, legal Australia casinos usually offer such a possibility. Check in our reviews of individual casinos that zloty payments offer.