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Services and service offers

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The website is not responsible for conflicts arising between the player and the online casino, as well as other possible complications related to the defeat of players. When leaving this, a given platform does not accept any complaints about problems or complications arising between the user and the online casino, offering gambling services.

The website leaves behind the right to limit user access to all services of a given website. Restrictions can be used for the User through the Website administration due to a breach of rules regarding the regulations of a given website, as well as a different type of malicious action or breaking of law or theft of information.

Your obligations

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Resignation from responsibility

You gain access to the services of a given website only at your own risk. The whole responsibility for the effects of using the services of a given website lies only on the User's side.

We do not give a total guarantee that a given website will work reliably and will never come any problems. If there is any problem regarding the functioning of a given website, you realize that I have been informed about the existing risk earlier.

We do not guarantee that a given website does not carry a threat in the shape of viruses and other malware that can hit your device. If a similar situation occurs, the whole responsibility is also on your side, because you were informed about the existing risk of malware and computer viruses earlier.


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Activity not sanctioned

By agreeing to use the services of our website, you confirm that you will not use the information hence in any malicious way, you will not break in, as well as theft of information. If a breaking of law or theft occurs or confirms the fact of activity not sanctioned by your person, you are ready to bear responsibility for it.

Right to delete information

A given service has the right to delete any information at any time. The owner of a given website can in any way manage information provided by users on a given website.

Information and foreign websites

A given website aims to advertise and promote various websites offering gambling on the web. By using a given website, you agree with the following rules:

  • You live in a territory where online gambling services are legal and legally accepted.
  • You are 18 years old, you are of legal age, which allows you to use the services of online casinos.
  • You are informed about all legal moments about your personality.
  • You have read, understand and accept all the rules regarding the use of a given website and online casinos you visit.
  • Your participation in gambling with money may result in the loss of any sum of money that you decide to spend on gambling on the web.


By using a given website, you do not get any guarantees from us, and all responsibility for all possible events and complications is only on your side.

Compensation of losses

By agreeing with the regulations and the principles of the website of a given website, you release all directors, employees, agents and responsible persons from any responsibility for the wrong effects of your activities on the website of the Internet casino.

All responsibility for everything that happens with your participation on the website of the Internet casino using a given website, it only relies on you and you will not blame you for a given website.

Also, a given service and its employees, agents and representing persons are released from liability for any grievances related to information and the product offered on a given website.


If you are convinced that any information or service offered by our website, in any way violate your copyright, must notify us by the appropriate form.

Change of conditions

The administration of a given website leaves behind the right to change the conditions and the principles of action of a given website at any time. The user should personally read the conditions to see any changes brought by the owner.

Questions about jurisdiction

By using a given website, you confirm that you agree that all questions about breaking the law, jurisdiction and legal moments are resolved only in the appropriate judicial institution located in Australia.

Being a user who is subject to Australian jurisdiction, you agree with the fact that in the event of breaking the law or any activity against the law, you are subject to the jurisdiction of the Australian court and be responsible for any types of acts, breaking legal principles.

Cessation of use of service services

The regulations and the rules applicable to you are current until the website administration or the user does not break them. In case you want to stop using the services of our website, you can destroy all information, provided or used on our website or on the Internet casino website at any time, which you used by us.

You can use any information that you provide on our website or on the website of the Internet casino for your own purpose and give or eliminate it you will ever want.

Main rules

Data on the conditions and principles of the website's operation are written and justified according to the jurisdiction of Australian law, allowing the legal operation of a given type of websites. To read these regulations, you confirm that you understand all the conditions and principles listed here, and you also undertake to keep them properly.


Any information, published on the website of a given website, may have copyright, which protects it from not sanctioned copying or use on third pages and in any way, as well as assimilation without permission to do so.

By using the services of a given website, you confirm that you have read the regulations and you do not intend to use any information for your own purposes or in any way acquire them.

If you intend to use any information on the website of our website, you should notify the website administration through the written form.

Also, if you use any information from our website, you confirm that you must provide the source of information that you use, which will allow it to be used correctly and by law in our country.

Notification and order of claiming a breaking of copyright

In the event that you noticed that any information on our website's website violates your copyright, you can always inform us about the problem that has arisen, through an e-mail or by a special form.

Language versions

In the event that versions in different languages have any , the version of the regulations in English will be considered the only correct and emphasized.