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European online roulette in Australia

Gray for free
Producer NetEnt
Payment min. 1
Payment max. 500
RTP 97.30%

European roulette review

Reading the comparative characteristics of various types Online roulette, you had to be surprised that they are all compared with European roulette. This is due to the fact that the European roulette variety is considered the most popular among gamblers from around the world. You can roughly understand this board game, but we want to tell about it in more detail.

Victory in this game, as in all types of roulette, largely depends on the player's happiness. But besides, tactics and strategy are an important attribute of the winner in famous online casinos in Australia. Yes, you cannot predict which cell will fall into, but you can bet on a combination that will most likely land. This is the essence of the game and for a person who does not cope well with mathematics or has poor memory, it can be quite difficult on the way to the desired Jackpot.

Route is not played against yourself, but against casino. Therefore, he can show that the casino can adapt the game to himself. But fortunately this is not so, because the percentage of the casino advantage is very small - only 2.7%!

Circle and table layout

We invite you to get to know the appearance of European roulette closer. Let's start with the table. It has a classic table appearance to the plants. There you will see a table with numbers and signed cells with varieties of what you can bet on - color, number, several numbers, parity, etc. The table is what you see in the first place before starting the game, because it starts with betting on the plants that take place exactly in this place. On the internet casinos on the left side of the table you will find directly the most important element of the game - the roller drum.

The wheel resembles a shield with a handle in the middle and a circle with numbers on the edges. The first is the upper circle, alternately colored in red and black, one cell is colored green. The player can also notice the lower circle, which is completely painted green and, unlike the upper, is not numbered. The numbering in the main district begins with sector 0 - zero and stretches to number 36. All numbers are scattered in a chaotic way.

Features of European roulette

What do you know about the features and functions of European roulette? Do not feel bad if not, because now you will significantly expand your knowledge of different types of roulette. Well, let's replace the main and most important functions of this game for entertainment:

  • Zero sector: the sector that is illuminated in green and goes to the casino, unlike American roulette, there is only 1 in the European sector, so the casino's advantage is rather small
  • Casino's advantage: As mentioned above, the casino's advantage is small, not only small, but the smallest of all types of roulette and is only 2.7%, so the probability of winning the player is very high
  • RTP: Due to the low level of advantage, the casino player has a great advantage, it is expressed with a fairly large rate of return - 97.30%
  • Paid game: In European roulette, everyone can play for money, betting on plants with a unit of betting in the form of tokens, each with their own coin, the minimum number of plants is 1, there is also a limit of a maximum of 100 tokens per plant, ultimately the player can receive a prize of 10 000 tokens
  • Free game: In addition to a paid game, you can play completely free, using the demo version, so you can learn to play without losing money.


You have reached the section in which you will learn the basic principles of playing European roulette. For those who have already played it, this information will not be so new, but for a beginner in the field of board games will be very useful. Let's go through the main game algorithm. It all starts from the moment of pressing the "Play" button. In addition, it is proposed to choose the size of the initial plant, choose wisely and not take risks if it is your first game. After selecting the amount, decide what you bet on. In fact, there are many options, below you can read the list of possible plants and the quotient of their chances of winning:

  • Straight Up: the bet set to the 1st number, the chances of winning are 35: 1;
  • TRIO: A plant put on 3 numbers, the chances of winning are 11: 1;
  • SIX LINE: The bet put on 6 numbers, the chances of winning are 5: 1;
  • Column: The plant placed on one or two of the three columns of numbers, the chances of winning are 2: 1;
  • Ten: a plant placed on one or two dozen from three, the chances of winning are 2: 1;
  • Color: The plant focused on red or black, the chances of winning are 1: 1.

After the plant, the player presses the "spin" button and is waiting for the result. The ball will show the winning cell, and if your plant is put on any of its criteria, congratulations, you are the winner!

European mobile roulette

As in any other online roulette, you can play a European roulette using a convenient mobile application. It is created by a casino so that players do not lose energy every time, looking for websites on the Internet, all for the sake of consumer comfort. This application can be downloaded to your device completely free of charge. Download it to your phone, tablet or laptop for any brand. It is supported in iOS, Android or Windows operating systems. All games in the mobile application are based on HTML5, which fully adapts them to the parameters of your device!


European Roulette is a game that leaves no dissatisfaction. He is an excellent representative of internet roulettes, who definitely deserves your attention. Has a high RTP at 97.30%. It also has the lowest percentage of the casino advantage - 2.7%. By playing it, you will always win. Just put the right bet and count your happiness.

You can play both on the casino website and in the mobile application from any device, any brand and any operating system. In the demo version, play without losing the investment. In addition, after getting acquainted with the rules, turn on the exercise mode to better learn and improve your game skills.

We recommend trying all types of roulettes online, but start with an eternal classic - European. By playing it, you derive a lot of pleasure from realistic graphics and sounds, you will feel the atmosphere of a real casino thanks to the lively crumb and hit the biggest jackpot in your life.

Frequently asked questions

  • how to play a European Roulette for money?
    To play for money, before starting the game you need to click the "Play for money" button, after which the paid game will start and you can bet on the bets for real money.

  • can you play a European Roulette on mobile devices?
    Yes, thanks to HMTL5 technology, all varieties of internet roulette are adapted to the parameters of the phone of any brand on iOS, Android or Windows operating systems.

  • how can i increAse my chances of winning?
    To have a good chance of winning, choose wisely what you bet on. For example, by betting 1 number, the probability of winning is 36: 1, when the likelihood of winning the color is 1: 1, in this case the win is more likely.

  • can i call a European Roulette roulette with a single zero?
    Yes, in European roulette there is only 1 sector worth 0. This principle significantly reduces casino priority and increases the likelihood of winning.

  • what is rtp in European Roulette?
    European Roulette can be proud of its percentage of reimbursement to players. In fact, it has 98%, which means that the player does not have to worry that his money will disappear without a return.