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Magic Fruits 4 Automat in Australia

Gray for free
Producer Wazdan
Drums 4
Paylines 10
Payment min. 0.1
Payment max. 100
RTP 96.41%

Fruits have a positive effect on health. But what if these dishes also have magical powers? It is hard to overlook them. This is what you will experience by playing the free online machine Magic Fruits 4. You have 10 winning lines, where you can bet on plants, and all actions take place on 4 drums. If you look at the main screen, you will notice that the stars are shining at the top, which gives the first impression after improving the graphics.

We don't have a free game mode yet, but instead look at the screenshots of Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe. Or maybe just try one of recommended online casino sites above?

Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe by Wazdan is a fruit title with some classic elements of the game machines. This game compatible with mobile devices is the fourth addition to the award -winning series of Magic Fruits vending machines from the award -winning supplier. Continue reading this review to learn more about what this machine can offer you.

Magic Fruits 4 Review

Symbols in this Game on a slot machine without download They are beautifully designed and pulsated, creating winning combinations. You will find colorful symbols such as oranges, raspberries, pears, melons, plums, grapes, bells, jokers and red seven. To win the prize, you need to set at least three symbols on the payment line. If you want to achieve the highest win, worth 20 coins, you need to arrange a combination with 4 wild cards on 3 horizontal lines.

The payment table is filled with fruit, from which melons and grapes have a much higher rating than bells, plums and oranges and pay up to AUD 3,000 for a combination of 5 such fruits. The joker is associated with a randomly selected icon, but the combination of 4 jokers is what you need to win a large one. With a denomination of a coin from 0.1 to 4 AUD, you can bet on bets in the range from 0.10 to 100 AUD, from 1 to 10,000 coins per spin.

We are not talking about supernatural things here, all this is tangible and you can experience it when you start play Wazdan. What happens in this classic game can be seen anywhere else. At the first twist of drums, each player discovers a completely new quality of virtual gambling!

Magic Fruits 4 game function

Magic Fruits 4 Slot offers us a game on 4 drums with 10 winning lines. There are many colorful symbols on the drums such as: raspberries, oranges, watermelons, pears, grapes, plums, red sieves, bells and joker. According to the winning table, you need 3 symbols to guarantee your prize.

As for a special hero named Joker, the round is considered winning. If you collect three or four symbols from this funny man who can only win with four portraits, if you set them in a horizontal row, no other variants are possible, then a joke is. In addition, if you overcome the combination of four jokers, the prize for the combination of three jokers is also paid if they are on active lines.

Unfortunately, there are no special special functions that diversify the game. But this is the only disadvantage of this game and is not considered a disadvantage for every player. How many players prefer only classic machines without unnecessary tinsel? Yes, very many and not in vain!

Play Magic Fruit 4 at the casino

After the first look at the main screen you will notice glowing stars above, which will update your first graphics impressions. The symbols are well made and you can expect that they will pulsate in a winning combination.

Wazdan Magic Fruits 4 is one of the simplest games in the entire gaming industry. This machine is difficult to understand with various functions, so it's very easy to play with understanding that you can enjoy it without worrying about all the details during the game.

  • 3 orange symbols: win to 400 coins
  • 3 Symbols of pears: win to 400 coins
  • 3 plum symbols: win to 400 coins
  • 3 Bell symbols: win to 400 coins
  • 3 clever symbol: win to 800 coins
  • 3 watermelon symbols: win to 800 coins
  • 3 grape symbols: win to 800 coins
  • 3 symbol 777: win to 800 coins
  • 3 Joker symbols: Winning to 2000 coins
  • 4 Joker symbols: win to 20,000 coins

Judging by the game itself, we have a dynamic machine that does everything in his power to make up for the lack of free spins. Although you can set the level of variance, it is still more than a difficult game, requiring a lot of time and effort to collect a significant amount of coins.

The best casinos and bonuses Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe

Play Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe in the best online casinos in Wazdan - Tested and approved! Our recommendation is based on many aspects: they accept international customers, offer a wide range of payment, and also offer many games from Wazdan. You can play this game both as a free Magic Fruits 4 games as well as in A real cash game at the online casino. The free demo of the Magic Fruits 4 machine is exactly the same as the machine for real money, with the difference that it will not be possible to pay the win. To play on the machine for real money, players must find the casino operator that you can trust. There are many things that make the casino trustworthy, and the most obvious is the license, adequate security and fair games. If you are not sure how to find a good online casino, you can help yourself Reading our guide to safe legal casinos.


Judging by the game itself, we have a dynamic machine that does everything in his power to make up for the lack of free spins. The Wazdan managed to give a classic machine a modern look thanks to Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe. The game has a funny and simple design with exciting music that will make you dance during drums. You can also expect that the machine will have a simple game, which is easy to understand, regardless of whether you are a novice or veteran. What's more, you can set the level of slot variability to meet your personal preferences. Our recommendation is based on many aspects: they accept international customers, offer a wide range of payment, and also offer many games from Wazdan.

Frequently asked questions

  • are there games resembling Magic Fruits 4?
    The original version of the fruit, which has 3 drums, looks almost identical.

  • what functions can you expect?
    After each winning round you can activate the Bonus Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe, which is a gamble function in which you need to open a box within 7 rounds.

  • are there any restrictions when playing on a mobile device?
    Magic Fruits 4 Deluxe is a title you are worth trying. You can play for fun or for money directly on the pages of Wazdan.

  • what is the rate of return on Magic Fruits 4 deluxe?
    Each of you can choose the appropriate betting strategy if you plan to collect small but frequent winnings or prosecute large winnings.