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Tetri mania slot in Australia

Gray for free
Producer Wazdan
Drums 5
Paylines 9
Payment min. 0.1
Payment max. 100
RTP 96.43%

Dear our gamblers, as you could guess the name Tetri Mania, what this one internet online gra will be. In general, Tetris was created in the 1980s and so delighted all people, whether an elderly or younger person, but everyone wanted to play it, not thinking about age. For great fun, we created Tetri Mania, it is a slot created on the subject of Tetris apparently graphics and supposedly performing graphics. In order for our player to be sweetening the playing process, we also created additional functions and bonuses that will help him to get a lot of winnings to our gamblers. Even there is a possibility of a free demo version of the game so that you play and get to know it without any risk.

Tetri mania review

Dana Online Internet Tetri Mania was designed 2006, it was very well known Australian company developers in Wazdan. The game is made in the style of Tetris, it could already be understood by name and has some functions, as Tetris has. This single -armed bandit slot It consists of 4 drums and 9 win lines. The tape has such symbols as letters, numbers, jocker, $ and a sign of question. Each of these symbols means something and you can get coins for each of them. For better entertainment, there are various bonus and functions that the gambler helps, and that he would get more wins. A special feature is:

WILD - He adapts the missing symbol and he appears in the symbols of the jocker.

Mystery Bonus - The symbol "?" Responsible for a given function, if 3 and more such question marks appear in a given field, you have the ability to increase your win from 10 to 200 times, it depends on the height of your plant.

Symbol $ - When receiving 3 and more such symbols, the player gets 15 to 30 free spins.

GAMBLE - If you get any win, you have a chance to double her, chose the correct color of the card, if you answer badly, you lose everything.

The minimum cow of the plant is 1 coin and the maximum 1000 coins. The amount paid on a given game is 96.43%

Tetri mania function of the game

The Tetri Mania online game is designed to be one function that corresponds to the Tetris game, when after turning the drum a win falls out and the player calculates the winnings of the coins and the given combination disappears, and these symbols, which any expressions fall on the places of these avid symbols, thus it gives To get one more combination and get coins. This game was created for beautiful fun that it would remind for gamblers from the 80s of the 80s. If you don't want to risk it yet, then you have the opportunity to play in the exercise mode, i.e. a free demo game in which you have nothing to lose. To make you play with comfort, a relaxing and great music will play in a given slot. Also you can play from your phone, anywhere where you want, just enter the name of the game on the internet, go to our internet page Press come to rip. Data game available on all devices without exception. Online game tetri mania can be applied to the classification classic video game slot. Such entertainment will suit everyone and not thinking about the fact that it has already existed 15 years on the gambling market, she has a lot of players who love this slot and every day I stand more and more. Join our players and try your happiness.

Frequently asked questions

  • the internet game Tetri Mania is safe?
    Yes, before adding to the casino and making it available to players, the Wazdan tests and gives a license for the game.

  • is there a mode of exercise?
    Yes, by all. Everyone you play to play a free version.

  • to play from the phone what do you need to do?
    Go to the Internet Find the game and press play. You don't need any additional functions or applications.

  • Tetri Mania has any additional functions?
    Yes, there are plenty of symbols that facilitate the playing process for gamblers such as: wild, free spins, double the win, etc.