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Blackjack Switch Playtech

Gray for free
Producer Playtech
Payment min. 1
Payment max. 3000
RTP 99.86%

Blackjack Playtech review

The main concept of this type Blackjacka It is possible to switch between two tasks during the game. This concept was invented by Jeff Hall, who was an avid player himself. This Blackjack online variety is quite popular on the Internet, because many players prefer to play it than in a classic variant. In this article we will review Blackjack Switch firms Platic, an innovative company that has been a leader for many years in developing gambling, which you can play from anywhere in the world. We will also analyze the main differences between this variety and traditional blackjack, so that every player can choose the game that suits him.

Blackjack functions

One of the main advantages of this type of blackjack is an extremely high RTP of 99, 87%, which is one of the highest indicators in the industry. This is the accuracy of the prediction that artificial intelligence generates about the expected winnings. The forecast is carried out in every match. But, like any forecast, it is purely theoretical. However, the main advantage of the game is that each player can adapt the game individually for themselves. First of all, you can play both on the full screen and in the window mode, which allows you to combine the game process with other things. Secondly, you always clearly see your betting options and possible movement strategies. If necessary, the player can also affect the speed of the game, and for those who want to speed up the game, there is also a fast game mode. It can be seen immediately that the game is thought out in the smallest detail - in the settings you can even change the volume of sounds and the main melody. In addition, you can enjoy the game completely free, because the developers have provided free demo mode, in which all rounds will take place in the exercise mode.

Blackjack Switch super match side bet

A side plant available on Blackjack Switch is called a great match and rewards the following combinations with payments: pair 1: 1, three patterns 5: 1, two pairs 9: 1 and 40: 1 patterns. The side plant is optional. The player can decide whether to put on a match or not, and if he decides to do it, you will have to earn additional tokens. Its main difference in relation to the ordinary Blackjack Switch is that a great match is a bonus game in which, when specific cards combinations are dropped on two hands, the player is paid additional winnings. The amount of payment depends on the rules of a specific online casino. To play a bonus game, you must put the bet in a special great match on the pitch before handing out the cards. If none of the following combinations falls out, in this case the player loses the bet.


This variety is one of the most unusual and difficult varieties of the game. Blackjack Switch will interest those who are already well -oriented in classic blackjack and want to gain new experience. The main feature of the Blackjack Switch online game is that here the player receives an extraordinary opportunity to replace the cards between his two boxes. This feature gives users many benefits and makes the Blackjack Switch game absolutely unique. The purpose of the game remains the same as in the classic blackjack - defeating a dealer. To win, the player must collect the strongest combination of cards, with the sum of the player's points should not exceed the limit 21. Due to the frequency of Blackjack in the game, this combination is not the most profitable and is paid not 3 to 2, but only 1 to 1 to 1.

The main principle of the game is that the player always plays two combinations at the same time, and the best cards in each combination can be exchanged among themselves. In this game, the Blackjack combination pays 1 to 1. The duties of a dealer in Blackjack Switch are also different from a classic game, here he must stop at "hard" 17 and choose the card on "soft" 17, while if the krupier receives a total of 22 points, Then he doesn't lose.


Thanks to PlayTech efforts, thousands of players around the world have a unique opportunity to play Blackjack Switch Online from anywhere in the world. The user -friendly interface and responsive control allow you to fully use the possibilities of playing without distracting by external factors. This creates ideal conditions for maximum focus on the game and maximizes the chances of achieving large winnings. Be happy online casino play Wherever you are and you play from any device, moreover, you can enjoy the game completely free in hands-on mode. Put the factories, have fun, get won, and let Mrs. Fortuna always accompany your game!

Frequently asked questions

  • Co to jest Blackjack Switch RTP?
    RTP generates a forecast of the expected winnings for the player in each game. However, this is a purely theoretical forecast. In this game it is 99.87%.

  • can i play Blackjack Switch for free?
    Thanks to PlayTech, players not only from Australia, but also from around the world have the opportunity to play free blackjack switch and not only have fun, but also get the opportunity to hit a really big jackpot!

  • what are the maximum and minimal plants for Blackjack?
    The minimum plant that you can put in Blackjack Switch is only € 2, and the maximum - € 100.

  • when wAs the switch game releAsed?
    The global player community gained access to the online version of the game in 2009.