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Blackjack online from Netent in Australia

Gray for free
Producer NetEnt
Payment min. 1
Payment max. 500
RTP 99.60%

Blackjack review Netent

In the world of casinos, both table and online, one of the most popular and at the same time the most profitable games is the classic blackjack, also known in Australia as an apple, 21, black jack gra. Despite the fact that the principles of classic blackjack are extremely simple, there are several nuances in the game that all players who want to play should know. In this article, we will look at Blackjack from Netent, a giant of games who have been creating internet gambling for decades that you can play from anywhere in the world. The developer suggests playing three hands using six waist. Let's take a closer look at the game.

Blackjack functions

One of the main advantages of Blackjack online is high RTP. What does it mean? Literally the abbreviation means the percentage that the casino pays to players for its existence. In addition, it generates a forecast of the expected winnings for the player in each game. But, like any forecast, it is purely theoretical and is based on the number of hands, which in a given game can be from 1 to 3. RTP offered by this Blackjacka variety is 99.6%, which significantly increases the player's chances of hitting the winning combination. In the game there is a possibility of division, i.e. division of one hand into two, provided that there are two cards of the same value. The only exception to this rule is a pair of aces. In addition, when the current bet is doubled, the player receives one more hand card. The game has insurance from Blackjack at the dealer, if its first open card is AS. The player, in the event of consent, sets an additional insurance rate equal to the primary half. The reversal in this variety of the game is not allowed. You can enjoy the game completely free - the developers have created a special version of the demo that allows you to try the game in practical mode and fully appreciate the game.

Technical specifications of the classic blackjack

Before starting the game, you must decide on the basic range of bets when you start the game. It ranges from 1 to 100, from 5 to 500 and from 10 to 1000 loans. The selected range will not affect the course of the game as a whole, but only determines the allowed amounts of the bets. So it's time to go to the main features of Blackjack:

  • The dealer always selects cards if he has less than 17 points
  • During one distribution, the player can play no more than three independent games. This is especially useful for players who want to make their game more dynamic and intense
  • The double function applies to any pair of cards, even those with whom the division has been made
  • The classic blackjack uses 8 decks of 52 cards in each, without jokers. This eliminates the counting of cards. Which makes the denomination of each card automatically more valuable.


Before giving away cards, players put bets, thus starting the game. After handing out the first card, the player cannot put the plants and touch his tokens. The distributor distributes cards: two cards to each player, he gives away, in addition, all cards are discovered at once. If the player has 21 points right after the hand (i.e. ASA and a ten -point card), this situation is called blackjack. In this case, the player immediately receives a win of 3 to 2, i.e. 1.5 times more than his own bet. What's more, players who do not have blackjack can choose a different card or stay with their own. In most cases, if the player has a total of 21 after reaching the new card, the dealer does not ask him more and goes to the next player. If the player has more than 21 points after drawing a new card, then this situation is called "bust". In this case, his plant goes to the casino.

If the dealer has 21 points in the first two cards (Blackjack), all players, except for those with the same combination, lose. The main principle of Blackjack is that the dealer must stop as soon as he scores 17 points or more. During the final scoring at the end of the round of the cards of other players do not matter to you, the game is only against the crunch, that is, only player and dealer cards are compared, cards and parallel plants are not taken into account.


To sum up the above, we can say that despite the simple rules, there are a lot of dangers for an inexperienced player in Blackjack online. However, playing Blackjack from firms NEENT, you can not only spend a pleasant time, but also take a lot of money from the online casino, because here the rules are optimized for a player. What's more, Casino on the Internet It allows you to enjoy the game from anywhere in the world of all possible existing devices.

Frequently asked questions

  • can you earn real money by playing online casinos at Blackjack?
    Yes, despite the fact that the casino is completely online, the player's winnings are completely true and can be converted into any real currency.

  • what is the classic rtp in Blackjack?
    RTP generates a forecast of the expected winnings for the player in each game. However, this is a purely theoretical forecast. In this game it is 99.6%.

  • what are the maximum and minimal plants in classic Blackjack?
    The minimum plant is € 1, the maximum is € 500.

  • is Blackjack with one waist better than Blackjack with two decks?
    By playing with several hands at once, you significantly increase your chances of winning, but at the same time you are proportionally increased by your factories, because this is done separately for each hand.

  • can i play a classic Blackjack for free?
    Thanks to Netent, players not only from Australia, but also from around the world have the opportunity to play the free version of the Blackjack demo game and not only have fun, but also have the opportunity to hit a really big jackpot!