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American roulette online in Australia

Gray for free
Producer NetEnt
Payment min. 1
Payment max. 500
RTP 94.74%

American roulette review

Roulette is a well -known type of board games that impresses with its diversity. Today you will learn in detail about the functions, advantages, disadvantages and differences of each of them. Let's start with the American roulette online.

Oddly enough, the American roulette was invented in the USA. Europe and its European roulette influenced his appearance. In fact, these types of roulette are similar, and you will learn about the difference a little later.

This game will appeal to every Australian player who likes to tempt fate. It is misconception that it is based solely on happiness and does not require any tactics. There are many strategists in this game and you will definitely find out about them!

The difference between European and American roulette

As promised, we will tell you the difference between similar free roulettes, for example, European and American. The first difference that immediately catches the eye is that in the American roulette the number of crisps is only one, while in European roulette There are as many as the 3rd sizes of the Roulette Circle itself are also different: the European table is larger than the American.

At first glance, roulettes are very similar, because the number of fields is the same - 37 of which 36 are numbers and 1 is zero. But the difference still exists. In American roulette, the zero field has 2 zero, while in European roulette only one 0. Nevertheless, the color of both types is identical: fields with numbers are alternately painted red and black, and fields with zeros green.

The rules of the game itself and betting are basically the same for this type of roulette. The difference can only be observed in relation to a single and double zero, but you will learn about it later. Compare them yourself with a free demo game.

Circle and table layout

Let's talk in more detail about the appearance of the American roulette table itself. When the gambler looks at her for the first time, immediately notice a significant difference in relation to other roulettes - the presence of two sectors with zeros. This function increases the number of sectors to 38. 36 cells, alternately in black and red, is numbered from 1 to 36 inclusive.

Opposite each other on the circle there are 2 green sectors, whose numbering is 0 and 00. As in all roulette wheels, under the wheel with numbers there is a lower unnatcorted circle painted in colors corresponding to the upper. Next to the roulette circle there is a table where everyone can put the plant on a selected color, sector or number.

Features of American roulette

It's time to tell about all American roulette functions. There are a lot of them, so sit down comfortably and keep reading. First of all, American roulette has a great advantage in online casinos, it is more popular than other types of this table game among Australian players. Its maximum RTP is 94.74%, which is a very high value. A feature and one of the differences between American roulette and other types is that it has a unique plant system, regardless of whether you play in a real casino or at home through an online casino. Of course, there are also classic color and sectors, but those we will now talk about are unique.

Let's start with plants placed on the basket. This plant is put on 5 numbers at the same time, it can be called one of the strategic plants in American roulette. These 5 numbers are 1, 2, 3, 0 and 00. With its help, you can win a lot of win. However, to correctly place the plant, it should be placed exactly on the edge of the table, where the above -mentioned numbers are connected. Another interesting plant is the neighbor's plant. It allows you to cover any neighboring 5 numbers on the table, as in the case of a basketball plant. This function is only available in the American version of the game.


For those who have already played in online roulette, the rules have been known for a long time, but despite the fact that roulettes are similar, American has some peculiarities of the story of the game. Let's start with the general principles of playing roulette. We offer step -by -step instructions on what you need to do in the game:

  • First, decide which casino you want to play
  • Choose a reliable supplier whose game you want to try
  • Download the American roulette and click the Play button
  • Then choose what you put and what height you will put
  • The plant is placed, turn the wheel with the "turn" button
  • Wait for the result and if you hit correctly, receive your win!

Learn playing yourself in exercise mode. As you can see, everything is quite simple, but it's just a superficial guide. Winning such a game strategy is practically impossible. Of course, you can try happiness and expect luck, but for a more successful game we suggest using special techniques that are suitable for American roulette. There is a list of generally accepted strategies that include:

  • Straight Up: Plant on any number
  • Split Bet: Plant for any 2 numbers
  • Street Bet: Factory for 3 numbers
  • Corner Bet: Plant for 4 any numbers
  • FIVE BET: Plant for any 5 numbers
  • Six Line Bet: Plant on the entire line of numbers
  • Column Bet: A plant for a whole column of numbers
  • Plant on a dozen: Bet on 12 numbers
  • Even / odd: plants for even or odd numbers
  • First 18 / second 18: bet numbers from 1 to 18 and from 19 to 36
  • Red / black: a color plant that can be black or red.

American mobile roulette

Of course, if we talk about Australian online casinos, which offer a game in American roulette, you can also play mobile format. To do this, you don't have to do anything complicated, just install the online casino application on a smartphone of any brand with iOS, Android or Windows operating system. All types of roulettes, American - without exception, are adapted to each type of device and will surprise you with high -quality realistic graphics, pleasant sound effects and the atmosphere that will allow you to immerse yourself in a real casino, anywhere and ever. Play conveniently thanks to the compact application on the phone, where all types of roulette are always at hand.


So we told in detail about one of the types of games for fun, namely about American roulette. Now you know its rules, strategies and functions. This type of roulette is really worth your attention. The game is as simple and interesting as possible. He intelligently combines tactics and happiness, which raises even greater gambling excitement. Even if you don't want to use the strategy, you still have any chances of hitting Jackpot, just hope for a fortune. American roulette, due to the presence of only one dealer, is a very dynamic variety of the game. From a free game of American roulette you will not only get a lot of fun, but also a nice win.

Frequently asked questions

  • what is rtp in American Roulette?
    RTP in American roulette is quite high. Of course, each supplier offers its own percentage of refund, but in the case of this type of roulette the maximum on average is 94.74%.
  • can i play roulette online?
    Regardless of the possibility of playing a real casino, you can enjoy playing online using a website or mobile application on any device.
  • are american and French Roulette similar?
    Yes, both types of roulette are similar. The main difference between American and French roulette is the presence of an additional double zero field.
  • how many pockets does American Roulette have?
    American roulette, unlike other types of roulette, has not 37, but 38 multi -colored sectors. 36 of them are numbered from 1 to 36. The other 2 sectors are green with numbers 0 and 00 on them.