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French roulette online in Australia

Gray for free
Producer NetEnt
Payment min. 1
Payment max. 500
RTP 97.3%

Review of French roulette

French online roulette can be considered one of the first versions of this board game. It existed in the world of gambling before the appearance European roulette i American rouletteSo you can call it a roulette classic. It is popular not only among the French, but also among Poles. This game has an amazing atmosphere of France, thanks to the introduction of a French style and language to its principles. Yes, you are not wrong, there are French expression in this roulette. But don't worry, the game goes on Australian, and French words only exist symbolically. In this article you will learn more about this colorful roulette game. Interested? Then read on.

The difference between European and French roulette

We are sure that you are very interested in the difference between the French roulette and her European counterpart! In fact, apart from the differences, they have a lot in common. For example, in the number of cells, each of which has 37 pieces, 36 of them are numbers from 1 to 36, respectively. The remaining cell is illuminated in green and signed with number 0. In both European and French roulette, if the ball thrown by Krupier falls To the zero sector, i.e. to number 0, the plants placed on color or parity are lost. In European and French roulette, the casino's advantage is 2.7%. It's less than the American version, but it's not bad either.

Let's replace the differences in this game now. In the French version of roulette, unlike the European, a gambler never loses. Such a possibility is possible thanks to the "en prison" and "le party" rules, which in translation means "in prison" and "exchange". They give the player a second chance to try happiness and win again.

EN Prison rule

As mentioned above, "en prison" literally explains from French to Australian as "in prison". Let us tell you more about this principle. French roulette plays with the "en prison" principle gives the player a better chance of winning. His essence consists in the fact that in the event of a losing round of plants of equal height, they remain to be resolved in the next round. If the bet was won, the player is recovering his bet and thus does not stay in the minus.

Le Party's rule

"Le Partege", or in Australian "sharing", is another very interesting principle that only applies in French roulette. Her peculiarity is that this is the most equal rule. The most important thing is that the plants placed on equal amounts, which unfortunately turned out to be lost, are divided between the participants of the game in a 50/50 ratio. This means that players only lose half of their bet! To better understand this principle, we suggest trying it in the demo version of the game.

French roulette features

Now we invite you to familiarize yourself with all the functions of the French roulette game. Because there are many, we will present a list of the most important functions of this game:

  • The advantage of the internet casinos in French roulette is the same as in European - 2.7%. However, thanks to the two unique rules described above, namely "en prison" and "Le Partage", it drops to 1.35%. This gives the player more chances to win
  • The percentage of return for the player, i.e. RTP, is not small, with the maximum value is 98%
  • French roulette has large, unlike American, a circle with 37 goals. They are filled with numbers from 0 to 36 in red, black and green. The numbers are arranged in a chaotic order, so counting starts from 1, 0 is in the middle and the number 33 closes the circle
  • It is important that the zero field is only one when there are 2 of them in the American version, it once again confirms that the player of French roulette has a better chance of winning than the one who played American.


The French roulette algorithm is not much different from the rules used in other types of this board game. If you are a beginner player, you can use the exercise mode to better understand the rules. Basically, you need to follow the following order:

  • Choose a casino with a roulette supplier you want to play
  • Go to the game page
  • Press the "Play" button
  • Select the amount of the rate
  • Choose what you want to put the selected amount for
  • Press the "Turn" button
  • Wait for the result and win the prize.

The game itself begins with betting by players on the table, then the dealer throws a ball into the drum, which then rotates. The ball falls into the cell, if you have put a bet on it or if this cell is covered by the scope of your plant, you are the winner.

You should be aware that in this game not all bets have the same probability of winning. This is because the plant's purpose is very diverse. For example, if you bet on red, the probability of winning is 1: 2, and if you focus on one number, the probability drops to 1:37. The more units you set, the more likely to win. So, if the plant is put on 6 numbers, the probability of winning is 16.22. By betting columns or dozens of the probability of winning is 32.43.

For victory, not only knowledge of the rules of the game is important, but also knowledge of the strategies that can be used in this form. They relate to a greater choice, from which the rate will be set. You can bet a number, many numbers up to a maximum of 6, color, even or odd parity, number size. As already mentioned, in each case the probability of winning is different, so choose wisely.

French mobile roulette

For your convenience, various online casinos have created compact applications for smartphones or tablets. Downloading does not take up much space or time, and most importantly it is completely free! Find the casino application in a store on any iOS, Android or Windows device. Download it and enjoy a French roulette at work, in a store or on a walk. Everywhere without discomfort and saving your valuable time. All roulettes are fully adapted to the screen of your smartphone, in addition, in the case of games in the mobile application of the supplier, they invent very interesting functions that once again confirm that the choice of mobile roulette is the right choice.


French roulette is a random game for fun. If you are a lover roulette games And you know French, this game is for you. This is good because the percentage of casino profit is very small, compared to other roulettes - only 2.7%! By playing it, you get not only a lot of pleasures, but also, most likely, big wins. The rules of this random game are constructed in such a way that players do not actually lose, thanks to the "en prison" and "le party" principles. The number of zero sectors also plays the participant's hands - only one 0. Drawing conclusions from what has been said, it can be said that French roulette is a game for those who like to win in Casino for Australian players.

Frequently asked questions

  • can i play French Roulette for gold?
    The player can play French roulette for free, using the game demo version or betting real money, including AUD.

  • can i download games?
    Yes, you can easily install the online casino application with French roulette for free on your device with iOS, Android or Windows operating system and any brand.

  • what is the difference between french roulette and European Roulette?
    French and European roulette are very similar. The difference between the French can be called special rules of the game regarding the zero sector and many other equally interesting rules.

  • what is the advantage of the casino in French Roulette?
    The percentage of the casino advantage in French roulette is shockingly small, only 2.7%. Thanks to the special rules of this type of roulette, up to 1.35%can fall!

  • what are the principles of le partegage and en prison?
    "Le Partege" and "En Prison" are unique rules that you will find only in French roulette. The first rule allows you to return half the rate, the second is divided by the lost plant between all players.