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Black Horse Automat in Australia

Gray for free
Producer Wazdan
Drums 3
Paylines 1
Payment min. 10
Payment max. 10000
RTP 96.07%

We invite everyone who likes gambling, to take part in the online Black Horse Internet game. This slot game is very great and painful. You don't have to come up with anything and install to play it. For those gamblers who are just starting their gambling, we have created a free version of the game, the so -called exercise mode so that every player can get acquainted with the game Black Horse. For better fun, black horse has a function that they support for everyone to get every time More awards. Our producers have created Dano Fruit game, alone so that everyone can relax and break away from reality and cover themselves with playing.

Black Horse Review

The internet plays black horse online, this game can be referred to the classic fruit slot and so that he suits him VIDEO CLASSIFICATION Automatic. The slot plays black horse created The best company of the Wazdan manufacturer what a lot has great gambling games. In its brown, this company is one of the best companies produced by such games. For each player there will be such a slot to taste, because it is not surprisingly heavy and does not require installing any program. The interface is created in the style of wild horses with fruit. You can see many symbols on this subject such as bell, grapes, black horse, plum, horseshoe, cactus, cherry, orange, pear, lemon. Each of these symbols mean something. Gambler will have at his disposal 3 drums and 5 win lines. The minimum and maximum plant is from 0.02 coins to 18 coins.
RTP calculated by the game manufacturer is 96,07%. Also, for you to play for fun, there is a free game, where you can play until the effect and get acquainted with the game before playing money, such a mode of exercise will be useful to everyone. There are also a few feature that the player can use for facilitating the game or wait as long as these functions turn on themselves. The function will then turn on when it falls on the tape of a given slot.

Black Horse Function of the Game

To play every gambler, there are different functions that support the playing process. In the online Black Horse Internet game you can see a function such as:

  • Free spins: There are special symbols that are responsible for them.
  • Black Horse: If you get his 3 or more symbols in one line, you get up to 45 free spins.
  • Horseshoe: When collecting 3 or more such symbols, you collect 30 free spins.
  • Coin symbol: For each draw you get a coin after collecting 9 such coins you have the option to receive 15 free spins.

In order for you to play every player with pleasure, we have made it easier for him to play with the Auto Play function. A given function sued what is not at something at the start but only tighten it and the drums will rotate. There is a conversion of the symbol salaries that are on the tape of the slot:

  • Lemons, cherries 0.04 coins.
  • Pear, oranges 0.08 coins.
  • Plum, bell, grapes 0.8 coins.
  • Cactus 4 many.
  • Podkowa 10 coins.
  • Black horse 20 coins.

Also online, the Black Horse machine has an exercise mode to offer, you do not have to register in it, not log in, just go to ours Gambling side of the single -armed bandit And press the demo game. In the free version you will have nothing to lose, and vice versa it will give you a chance to get acquainted with the game.

Frequently asked questions

  • what is the solvency of this game?
    According to the counting of our producers, this solvency is 96.07%.

  • is there a chance to try a free game?
    There is an exercise mode that gives you a chance to get to know the game.

  • to sPerrt playing online what you have to press?
    Just set the parameters such as the game level and coin content. The higher the level, the more player I receive.

  • what does the interface look like?
    He is very well designed and can be referred to the classic fruit slot.