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Highway To Hell Slot W Polsce

Gray for free
Producer Wazdan
Drums 5
Paylines 5
Payment min. 0.1
Payment max. 10
RTP 96.56%

Welcome to our website Favor of gambling. We present to your attention a really wonderful internet game - online highway to hell. This online game created on the subject of the very well -known AC/DC songs. Those gamblers who love the year of music and such atmosphere, you have to play Highway to Hell and be able to do at least for a moment to the year Drajw's concert of this group. To make you play more interesting for fun, our developers created such functions that will help the player win prizes and interesting symbols how sometimes they can and scare. The game fits for every fant of gambling, it is not hard to use and even has the ability to play in this mode of exercise.

Highway to Hell Przegląd

The internet game Highway to Hell was created one of Popular companies on the Gambling Market Wazdan. Online the machine is presented as a chase on a motorbike or truck on the devil's 666 track. Every gambler who starts playing Highway to Hell will be intrigued and a little excited about this Online game in a single -armed bandit. This game will take you to the world of adventures and chases, in which you will be accompanied by a charming devil. Don't worry, this path does not lead to hell, but rather leads to success and win a lot of money. Following him, you can win a large jackpot in the machine, because the winning combinations are created quite often. Enjoy the desire for speed and try play a free game demo game in exercise mode. Thanks to this, you can easily get acquainted with all the functions of the game and get large portions of emotions and adrenaline. RTP solvency is 96.56%. In order for the player to play with pleasure, there are functions such as Wild and the Auto Play One option created to play for fun and get more coins. If you are a fan of automotive or trucks, you've come to the right place. A given game is created very qualitative and has symbols that respond to a given name, in it you will find such symbols as a truck, letters, numbers, devil, traffic mark, fuel sign, motorcycle. The minimum and maximum amount of the plant is from 1 to 1000 coins. The more you can get coins. The game consists of five drums, three government lines and five win lines, in each field there are symbols that they mean something, you need to collect 3 and more of the same symbols in one line to get somehow win.

Highway to Hell game function

Online Highway to Hell has such functions as:

Auto Play - If the player I do not want to press the start every time, he simply presses the button and the drums turn themselves on.

WILD - The function is presented in the truck symbols, it adds the missing symbol. All this invented so that you play for fun and keep a lot of positive emotions. Dear gambler, all seen on the board, for what symbol how much you get:

  • Letters from 2 to 15 Monet. in
  • Numbers from 1 to 4 coins.
  • Road sign from 5 to 80 coins.
  • Petrol station from 4 to 40 coins.
  • Diablica from 8 to 500 coins.
  • Motorcycle from 10 to 150 coins.
  • Numbers 666 4 to 250 Minet.
  • Lorry 500 monet.

As you have doubts about playing a machine for truly money, then try the demon for free, i.e. the exercise mode in which you have nothing to lose. Playing this game, every gambler will be delighted with how she is designed for her players.

Frequently asked questions

  • what do you need to register in a free demo of the game version?
    To try the exercise mode you do not need to register.

  • what do you need to do to play for real money?
    The player must register and then make a payment to his deposit and you can start playing.

  • the internet online game is safe?
    Yes, a given game is safe. Because before adding to a given gambling page it comes by checking our developers and has. Licensed.

  • are there any Bonuses in this online game?
    There is a Wild function that I add the missing symbol on the tape. Unfortunately, but there are no functions such as free spins and the tut multiplier.